Monday, 10 January 2011

So, come here often?

Over the past year I have been to the cinema a lot (ok mainly to see kids films) but here is my views on some of the films I saw at the cinema in 2010:

Well the best film of 2010 has got to be Toy Story 3! The film was definitely not one of them sequels that did not life up to the first 2. I could easily say that the 3rd instalment was my absolute favourite from the Toy story trilogy.

Another few of my favourite kids films were How to train your dragon now I am surprised it didn't do as well as it did as I found myself laughing out loud and nearly crying on many occasions, the story is such a heart whelming film of a dad not being proud of his 'weedy' son as he will never be good enough to be a viking warrior. The boy befriends a dragon and tries to explain that dragons are harmful and he tries to make his dad accept his son for who he is.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was very VERY funny in my opinion I had never seen a film like it, it was very entertaining and a such a silly film but the kids loved it (and so did I)

Shrek forever after, now I have only ever seen about 45mins of the first film as I found it awfully boring but after seeing Forever after I actually want to see the first ones Was definitely one of my top films of last year.

Paranormal activity 1 and 2, Erm, I don't really know what to say about these films. The first one has to be watched in a cinema to get the full affect (and laugh at peoples reactions) I found it scary at the time, well until I walked out the cinema. I had to see the 2nd one to see if that was any better and found myself laughing at it. I would advise to watch the 1st one before the 2nd otherwise nothing will make sense.

Meet the little Fockers. AMAZING I was laughing constantly the film went far to quick and it has left me wanting a 4th film from the meet the parents films. GO SEE IT.

I need a holiday....

Right I need a holiday this year somewhere with guaranteed sun and I don't think I will get one staying in the UK!  Ok here is a confession........I have never been on a plane :/ But I have been to Germany (school trip) and France (booze trip)

why is it so difficult to pick where?! I am trying to decide between Disneyland Paris for a weekend or a week in the sun just to somewhere in Europe....... suggestions welcome.

Poole Harbour

So our family do like to go to Haven A LOT and we have been to so many all more than once. Here is what I think on the Haven' s I have been to:

Rockley park in Poole/Dorset: My favourite Haven out of them all. A smaller and well kept haven with excellent entertainment. It also has its own private beach where we all like to go crabbing. There is so much to do on site...Crazy golf, Tiger club, swimming, Archery, water-sports, spa etc etc. Also Bournemouth is just down the road too.

Devon Cliffs in Exmouth: The largest (and most expensive) of all the Havens I have been too. I absolutely adore this Haven I have been well over 10 times starting form when I was 6. It has a glorious private beach, about 6 swimming pools, own shopping/arcade area. A great Haven for older children. I wouldn't want to take my 4 year old for paranoia I would lose her in such a large complex. Definitely worth a visit.

Kiln Park in Tenby, Wales: A lovely location set on the loveliest beach I have ever been to, Wales has lovely towns and has so much to do for all the family. The haven its self complex and entertainment is not good at all probably one of my worst I have been to but worth going there just to explore out and about around Tenby.

Seaview in Weymouth, Dorset: Probably has the worst entertainment for me and it is not set in the best area. Yes you can walk down to Bowleaze cove but its a car journey to the nice sandy beaches. The entertainment is very poor and the swimming pools and arcades are very small. On a positive you can use its sister park Weymouth Bay which is a 5 minute walk down the road.

Combe Haven in Hastings. This is my favourite but ONLY for the entertainment. The funstars are mad and put on great shows. The complex, location and other holiday go-ers are not my 'sort' of people and would only advise a weekend there.

Well that's just my opinion on the Havens I have been to. Anyway, I am meant to be talking about where to go THIS year!

p.s I have booked Rockley Park in May!!

If a 4 year old can do it so can I

Ahhh so today was/is a big day today!

Firstly I handed in my daughters application so she can start 'big' school now the waiting and the stressing begins as to seeing where she will end up. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that its the one I want :/
If she can start school in September so can I, mine being 20 years later though. We will be packing our school bags and pencil cases at the same time. Shame I don't have a uniform to wear though :( She is the reason I am doing this and not going back to my old work and to make something of myself and I cant wait!

Also, its day 1 of the 'special K' diet and thinking about this has actually made me not hungry so its working hehe. Suppose I had better eat something though as skipping meals is a big no no (apparently) I was also thinking of doing the Weight-watchers...mainly because all I ever here is 'that's 2 points on weight watchers' and I wanna join in and say that. I have no clue what these points mean etc mind.

Note to self...remember to post how I get on this week with the diet

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Addictions and predictions

So I have come to the conclusion that I am a bit of a shopping, Mc Donald's eating and coke drinking person!
I am really REALLY going to struggle but I WILL GIVE it up this year. (Ok maybe not the shopping, its a woman's prerogative)

Firstly that's it no more takeaways or fast food of any sort!! If I fail this task I will give £5 to my daughters money jar. I can already hear her begging for a Mc Donald's as I say this. But I will stick to my guns!

The next task will be extremely hard not for the fact its my FAVOURITE drink but also for the fact I have a box of 12 cans in my fridge. I will attempt cold turkey but may have to go for diet coke just to get my little fix hehe. I will give my daughter £1 for every can to her money jar if I fail.

My 3rd and final addiction is shopping. I find myself there most weekends (and weekdays) and need to STOP! I need to control my spending and only buy when I actually need it. THIS ONE WILL BE HARD! But I will do it promise ;)

Now my predictions........
I predict I will fail these all in the first week haha. No really I cant predict the future but my star-sign is telling me...Scorpio, you are determined to have things go your way. If it doesn't, you will smile on the outside and fume on the inside; until you resolve the issue. The Scorpio 2011 yearly horoscope shows that in 2011, you will have little reason for finding anything but pleasure out of life. Things will tend to go your way, especially in terms of relationships and your career. So smile for real and enjoy 2011.

Looks like I will have a happy 2011 and will accomplish many of my hopes and dreams! I'm ready to do it BRING ON 2011 :-)

See what 2011 holds for you here: your horoscope

My favourite pressys I got for christmas...

Before the present opening began! 

Wow was I spoilt this year? I had so many presents I wouldnt know where to begin so I picked a few of my favourite.

I received a gorgeous bag from Accesorize.
It is a perfect size and can fit EVERYTHING in it. My new Mary Poppins bag. I also found it for half price at £20 which is lucky for you, but not for the person who bought it for me: Accesorize

I couldn't live without one of these now I don't know how I did in the past. Although it is only a mirror it saves me money. I use half as much make up as I used to which is fab! I can also do my make up at any time noon or night and the lighting is perfect: Boots

Another favourite and (my best) present was my Boyzone tickets. I am soooo excited for obvious reasons but I also know it is going to be so sad without Stephen Gately there RIP :(

I also got the humongous soap and Glory set which I adore as who could not like Soap and Glory?! So this means every-night me after a bath and going to be smelling of a raspberry. Asos

My first mission for 2011

So, 2011 a year to lose that baby weight (I know, I know 4 years later tut tut) My plan will be simple yet challenging (for me) all I need to do is STOP EATING JUNK!! I am going to try the special K diet for a fortnight and see how I get on with that. I cant bare special K so I will have sultana bran for breakfast and lunch and a healthy meal for dinner with NO SNACKING!! I will keep you posted on how I do. wish me luck.