Sunday, 9 January 2011

My favourite pressys I got for christmas...

Before the present opening began! 

Wow was I spoilt this year? I had so many presents I wouldnt know where to begin so I picked a few of my favourite.

I received a gorgeous bag from Accesorize.
It is a perfect size and can fit EVERYTHING in it. My new Mary Poppins bag. I also found it for half price at £20 which is lucky for you, but not for the person who bought it for me: Accesorize

I couldn't live without one of these now I don't know how I did in the past. Although it is only a mirror it saves me money. I use half as much make up as I used to which is fab! I can also do my make up at any time noon or night and the lighting is perfect: Boots

Another favourite and (my best) present was my Boyzone tickets. I am soooo excited for obvious reasons but I also know it is going to be so sad without Stephen Gately there RIP :(

I also got the humongous soap and Glory set which I adore as who could not like Soap and Glory?! So this means every-night me after a bath and going to be smelling of a raspberry. Asos

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  1. Loving the mirror you were one lucky lady