Monday, 10 January 2011

If a 4 year old can do it so can I

Ahhh so today was/is a big day today!

Firstly I handed in my daughters application so she can start 'big' school now the waiting and the stressing begins as to seeing where she will end up. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that its the one I want :/
If she can start school in September so can I, mine being 20 years later though. We will be packing our school bags and pencil cases at the same time. Shame I don't have a uniform to wear though :( She is the reason I am doing this and not going back to my old work and to make something of myself and I cant wait!

Also, its day 1 of the 'special K' diet and thinking about this has actually made me not hungry so its working hehe. Suppose I had better eat something though as skipping meals is a big no no (apparently) I was also thinking of doing the Weight-watchers...mainly because all I ever here is 'that's 2 points on weight watchers' and I wanna join in and say that. I have no clue what these points mean etc mind.

Note to self...remember to post how I get on this week with the diet

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