Monday, 10 January 2011

I need a holiday....

Right I need a holiday this year somewhere with guaranteed sun and I don't think I will get one staying in the UK!  Ok here is a confession........I have never been on a plane :/ But I have been to Germany (school trip) and France (booze trip)

why is it so difficult to pick where?! I am trying to decide between Disneyland Paris for a weekend or a week in the sun just to somewhere in Europe....... suggestions welcome.

Poole Harbour

So our family do like to go to Haven A LOT and we have been to so many all more than once. Here is what I think on the Haven' s I have been to:

Rockley park in Poole/Dorset: My favourite Haven out of them all. A smaller and well kept haven with excellent entertainment. It also has its own private beach where we all like to go crabbing. There is so much to do on site...Crazy golf, Tiger club, swimming, Archery, water-sports, spa etc etc. Also Bournemouth is just down the road too.

Devon Cliffs in Exmouth: The largest (and most expensive) of all the Havens I have been too. I absolutely adore this Haven I have been well over 10 times starting form when I was 6. It has a glorious private beach, about 6 swimming pools, own shopping/arcade area. A great Haven for older children. I wouldn't want to take my 4 year old for paranoia I would lose her in such a large complex. Definitely worth a visit.

Kiln Park in Tenby, Wales: A lovely location set on the loveliest beach I have ever been to, Wales has lovely towns and has so much to do for all the family. The haven its self complex and entertainment is not good at all probably one of my worst I have been to but worth going there just to explore out and about around Tenby.

Seaview in Weymouth, Dorset: Probably has the worst entertainment for me and it is not set in the best area. Yes you can walk down to Bowleaze cove but its a car journey to the nice sandy beaches. The entertainment is very poor and the swimming pools and arcades are very small. On a positive you can use its sister park Weymouth Bay which is a 5 minute walk down the road.

Combe Haven in Hastings. This is my favourite but ONLY for the entertainment. The funstars are mad and put on great shows. The complex, location and other holiday go-ers are not my 'sort' of people and would only advise a weekend there.

Well that's just my opinion on the Havens I have been to. Anyway, I am meant to be talking about where to go THIS year!

p.s I have booked Rockley Park in May!!


  1. Disneyland Paris would be great for Grace as they have a lot more for kids than the American Disneyland. Have you looked into staying in France for a week and just popping over to Disneyland during your stay there.
    Otherwise I would suggest somewhere in Spain as the heat in Greece can be overpowering and Spain gets really hot but is bare-able for kids. If you stayed in Majorca there are also two waterparks in the area, and the price of things over there are pretty reasonable. Palma is a good place to stay there as it is out of the way of the party areas like Magaluf and it's a more family orientated area. I have been to Majorca the last 3 years so if you choose to go there feel free to ask me any questions xx

  2. take me please, im not fussed where!
    i never knew some of these places existed, im always one for going abroad for a holiday but i think this year to save money and just to make it simply easier, im going to try out Kiln Park in Tenby with my boyfriend. ive never been to Wales in my life. this should be an experience! thanks for the info katie xxx